Code Europe: IoT at Scale: Personal and Industrial

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13/12/2017 15:20 - 16:10

Miejsce: Wrocławskie Centrum Kongresowe - Hala Stulecia

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IoT at Scale: Personal and Industrial

In their research note that published in 2013, Gartner introduced the term “web-scale IT”. Current notions of “Web scale” will be dwarfed by “IoT scale” requirements in industry and personal automation, analytics, data management, and at every layer of the stack. We’re going to bridge high scale architectures and infrastructures with the kind of business issues that face SAP customers every day. This Industry 4.0 revolution and its scale bring new requirements for technology and skills, that we are going to discuss too. And – as you will see! – it is not much different, and yet still fun, to do IoT on a personal scale too.


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