Delivering Digital Transformation in to Public Services

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22/02/2018 12:00 - 16:45

Miejsce: Deloitte Digital London UK


This event promises to bring you the hottest developments that will help your organisation reshape the Public Sector through Digital Transformation, where our expert speakers will debate all the latest innovations.

Why attend?


Your organisation might have just started its journey towards digital transformation.


You will know that transformation is key to improving experiences and services for your citizens, your customers!


You might be wondering how to take the first steps.


You want to hear from other Public Sector organisations who have started their journey to find out just how they took those first steps.


You are interested in hearing from a commercial organisation whose experience in improving their customers experiences can be transferred to Public Sector organisations.


You’re on your digital transformation journey and want to accelerate your organisation to the next phase.


The Buckley Building is well situated in Clerkenwell, London for travel from around the UKI and provides an ideal environment for inspiration and a centre for exchanging ideas and experiences, giving you food for thought and possibilities for next steps.


You will want to be a part of this event if you are:

  • CEO, looking to share and hear about other experiences
  • Heading up Digital Transformation for your organisation
  • Inspiring HR Transformation within a Public Sector organisation
  • CFO leading the move to improve the services you offer your citizens and cutting costs by moving to the cloud
  • CIO looking to improve people’s lives with IoT and connected assets

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