Enabling Digital Transformation with SAP Lumira

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Enabling Digital Transformation with SAP Lumira

See how SAP Lumira can provide you with the transformational capabilities you need in the digital economy. You will learn how SAP Lumira:

  • Brings business and IT teams together under a single solution that allows business users to rapidly prototype and promote insights to IT for enrichment
  • Simplifies analytics for users and administrators by delivering an exceptional, simple- to- use interface and experience
  • Increases self-service user adoption by easing the learning curve for business users to create and consume analytics and reduces the time and cost burden for IT
  • Provides optimized, timely access to governed data in the SAP BW, SAP HANA, and Universes, delivering the best analytics performance on SAP systems
  • Ensures enterprise-wide access to governed, secure, and timely data, eliminating the need for stale periodic data extracts, data siloes, and shadow IT projects

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