SAP Cloud Security Delivered by SAP Cloud Secure and Trust Center

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SAP Cloud Security Delivered by SAP Cloud Secure and Trust Center

Dive into SAP’s common cloud security framework and its components that enhance data privacy and cybersecurity in cloud environments. Learn how SAP Cloud Security and Compliance apply, how data privacy and cybersecurity differ, how layers of assurance and the cloud security framework are relevant to cloud solutions.

  • Learn the base of SAP Cloud Security and the compliance basis, in addition to how they apply to the current cloud solutions.
  • Understand how SAP treats data privacy and cybersecurity, as well as how SAP defines the controls in place around personal data and business data.
  • Learn how layers of assurance serve the purpose of addressing different concerns a customer might have when using cloud solutions.
  • Hear about the cloud security framework, which describes more specifically how information and data protection are handled, as well as how breach notification process is implemented.
  • Learn how SAP Cloud Trust Center provides the visibility and transparency in one single location.

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