SAP Insider BI 2017, Amsterdam

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14/06/2017 - 16/06/2017

Miejsce: RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre

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Top 6 reasons to attend BI 2017

  1. Get hands-on experience with a full range of SAP® solutions: Step-by-step instructions for optimising your current BI tools, and explore SAP’s new BI and analytics solutions
  2. Gain new skills for driving BI in your organisation – from technical knowledge of each of SAP’s reporting and analytics tools, to strategic best practices to maximise adoption, and useful tips, tricks, and workarounds to get the most from your SAP investments
  3. Take-home materials prepared exclusively for 2017 attendees – blueprints, guidelines, checklists, and sample code you can take back to the office for immediate impact
  4. Forge new relationships with colleagues who are dealing with the same questions and challenges you are, and build a network of ‘go to’ BI contacts for year-round advice and guidance
  5. Get expert guidance from the world’s foremost experts on SAP technology – experienced practitioners, industry visionaries, and subject matter experts on whom you can count for reliable, accurate information
  6. Learn valuable implementation lessons from top SAP customers on what worked, what didn’t work, what surprised, and what they might have done differently

The BI conference is a great platform to get
information about SAP tools and solutions, and also offers
the ability to get one-on-one direct access to SAP experts
Dan Rhoadhouse, Cardinal Health

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