SAP Leonardo Internet of Everything

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SAP Leonardo Internet of Everything

The SAP Leonardo Internet of Everything (IoE) offering is a set of solutions and platform technologies to intelligently connect people, citizens, guests, travelers, infrastructure, machines, assets, things with business processes that affect connected markets, rural areas and urban areas including smart cities. The world around us is increasingly populated with sensors be it cameras, environmental sensors, sound sensors, motion and vibration sensors among others.

SAP Leonardo offers the capability to quickly tap into the time series data generated by these endpoint sensors, rapidly ingest, manage, analyze and visualize the data to create insight, in real time and trigger action via business processes to address potential risks and new opportunities leveraging the SAP Cloud Platform.

This webinar will help further your understanding of the mission-critical topic of the Internet of Everything, seeing a lot of investment in the market and how SAP wants to go about tapping into the same leveraging SAP Leonardo.

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