SAP Leonardo IoT Edge Computing

SAP Leonardo IoT Edge Computing



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SAP Leonardo IoT Edge Computing

Connect with intelligence at the edge to transform operations and reimagine your business

SAP Leonardo IoT Edge brings computer, storage and business semantics to the edge where data is generated, for near real-time use cases and deterministic performance.

With SAP Leonardo IoT Edge, raw IoT data can be given core business context and converted into meaningful insights at the edge to enrich decision making and immediate business action for urgent conditions, reducing costly downtimes, increasing worker productivity and operational efficiency.

Key take away

After this session, you will be able to grasp the unique value of SAP Leonardo IoT Edge as to how it:

  • Increase asset uptimes, operational efficiency and productivity
  • Reduce network traffic and latency
  • Enrich sensor data with business context
  • Run your business live, despite intermittent connectivity
  • Flexible deployment options (cloud or on-site standalone)

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