SAP Solution Manager Knowledge Architecture

SAP Solution Manager Knowledge Architecture



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SAP Solution Manager Knowledge Architecture

The good news is that you’ll find an abundance of SAP Solution Manager knowledge in many different channels. Finding the right answer to your specific question, however, can become overwhelmingly time-consuming. This session helps you find out how to best leverage the many information sources to get the precise information you need:

  • Employ built-in documentation to quickly work through new SAP Fiori app functions.
  • Discover overview and how-to videos to grow your desired SAP Solution Manager product understanding in minutes.
  • Tap into Wikis and expert portals to develop your in-depth understanding of individual functions.
  • Get the most out of networking with other users and troubleshooting issues with the SAP Solution Manager community.
  • Watch and learn when you play a system demo, and let the system show you how it’s designed to work.

For further technical knowledge transfer, attend an Expert Guided Implementation Service or a classroom training. Also, try out our latest support options for technical issues: Expert Chat and Schedule an Expert.

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