SAP Developer News: Continuous Delivery Pipeline for SAP Cloud Application Programming Model, SAP Fiori Element User Guide, and Insights into ABAP and JSON

Continuous Delivery Pipeline for SAP Cloud Application Programming Model

SAP Cloud Application Programming Model offers a consistent end-to-end programming model for full-stack development on SAP Cloud Platform.  With the new, open source SAP Cloud SDK CI/CD pipeline you can do automated testing, get access to built-in best practices, and experience continuous deployment and delivery. Read this blog for additional insights and for information on how to get started. To learn more about the SAP Cloud SDK, click here.

SAP Fiori Element User Guide

SAP Fiori elements creates standard apps based on several basic page types, which are templates or floorplans for common SAP scenarios. Understanding its capabilities will allow you to choose the right scenario to accelerate development. Click here to see the When to Use SAP Fiori Elements User Guide. To learn more about SAP Fiori elements, click here.

Insights into ABAP and JSON

In this blog, ABAP developer Michael Keller shares insights into his experience dealing with JSON. He wrote two examples with the goal of being able to serialize and deserialize different types of data – the examples are available in Github and the links are included in the blog. The author also included links to other get started materials that you may find useful.

Nested routing with reusable components in UI5

When building large and complex UI5 apps, at some point you start creating reusable components which you embed in a container app. For most scenarios, the UI5 documentation will suffice, that is until you have routing in a subcomponent and deeplinks that you want to share. Read this blog for an alternative approach. To learn more about SAPUI5 and to get started, visit the SAPUI5 section in the SAP Developer Center.

New step by step tutorials and how-to guides

Explore our new tutorials available on the SAP Developer Center:

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