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Pierwsza odpowiedź z OSS – delikatnie dali do zrozumienia, że nie są zainteresowani przeprowadzeniem modyfikacji systemu zgodnie z życzeniem.

Druga odpowiedź – podobnie jak pierwsza ale z doprecyzowaniem  – przesyłam poniżej 🙁
<p id=”__html8″ data-sap-ui-preserve=”__html8″>Dear Customer,

We have been analyzing your request regarding the delivery of a field large enough to store the full vendor invoice document number.

In the present SAP ERP releases, according to standard system behavior, the length of the Reference Document Number field (BKPF-XBLNR) is limited to 16 characters and any change could lead to inconsistencies. Thus, it cannot be changed.
Also, the use of the field XBLNR_ALT will NOT be enabled for Poland or worldwide at the moment and therefore is not an option either.

As a workaround to address the 16 character limitation for the field XBLNR we recommend one of the following:

• Besides BKPF-XBLNR field, use an additional field, e.g. Document Header text BKPF-BKTXT, to maintain the exceeding part of the number
• Use the customer include feature to create a new Z field capable of storing the whole invoice number.</p>
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<u>SAF-T extraction:</u>
To accommodate the full invoice number during the extraction, this can be done by means of the Business Add-in Interface (BADI) definition FIPL_SAFT_EXTRACTED_DATA, originally provided by SAP in the Starter Solution (cf. the FAQ of SAP Note 2307471). Through the use of this BADI, the extraction tables delivered with the Starter Solution can be enhanced to hold additional information.
Proceed as follows:</p>
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• Create your own complementary Z* tables with the same table key fields as the corresponding Standard Extraction table.
• Use the extraction logic to store the complementary data in the Z-tables with own filter logic i.e. building your own extraction logic to get the full vendor invoice document number.</p>
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In general, the BADI provided in the Starter Solution enable customers to:
• Select additional data to use in the SAF-T creation process, without changing the Starter Solution core logic.
• Whenever needed to extract an additional field linked to one of the extractor tables, SAP’s recommendation is to create a custom Z-table with the same key fields of that extractor table and as many non-key fields are required.
• Also, whenever needed to use a different logic to extract one of the fields included in the standard extractor, SAP’s recommendation is to create the same field in the custom Z-table and populate using own logic.</p>
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Kind Regards
José Ferreira
Development Support
Globalization Services</p>