IFG for Integration

IFG for Integration


09/05/2018 - 10/05/2018    

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Are you still testing your SAP PRO as you tested SAP XI 3.0, when the testing requirements and strategies have evolved in the last 12 years?

In the previous global IFG survey, it was mentioned several times that there is a strong interest for a more automated testing in SAP PRO. Currently, if we look at SAP PRO integration scenarios or E2E SAP integration scenarios there are several options available to the developer to unit test mappings and for E2E integration scenarios to unit test also any ABAP backend processing but they lack the ability to test the E2E integration process.

We also see that more SAP development and deployment teams shift to a test-driven development and deployment approach using Agile and DevOps type methodologies. The challenge arises what is needed to provide an environment for our integration development and deployment tasks that support this shift and enables the SAP integration developer to successfully makes this shift towards Test driven, Agile and DevOps.

Good automated testing processes are supported by tools to ensure consistency and too effortless enable continuous regression testing of the interface in a landscape where we continuously increase the interface volume by integration new solutions.

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