SAP Community Voice – March 2021

SAP Workflow Management – Improve Your Processes

With SAP Workflow Management you can digitalize workflows, automate business processes, manage decision logic, gain end-to-end process visibility, and flexibly extend and adapt business processes running in your packaged applications.

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Running ABAP Workshops to Help Colleagues

In this blog post, SAP Champion Baerbel Winkler writes about helping colleagues to learn how to troubleshoot certain situations. Offering workshops that demonstrate tools they could use on their own provides them an opportunity to help themselves.

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SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2102 Release

Sven Denecken, COO of SAP S/4HANA and Head of Product Success, announces the general availability of SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2102 release. In this blog post, he walks you through his favorite innovations of the latest release.

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Helpful Tips and Tricks Working with ADT

This blog post includes how to use the new Tips & Tricks documentation for ABAP Development Tools (ADT) that is SAP’s standard Eclipse-based IDE for ABAP development.

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Community News

Spotlight Interview with Andreas Gautsch

When Andreas speaks, people listen. When he writes, people read. And when he creates plugins (see here, for example), well, you’ll need to read all about it to find out more!

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Upcoming Community Calls

March 11
Enabling a more modular master data management approach with SAP Master Data Governance, cloud edition
Consistent master data has always been elementary for streamlined business transactions and analytics. Even more so in times of change and instability like we are facing right now. SAP Master Data Governance (MDG) helps companies run their business based on high-quality data.
Markus Kuppe, Chief Product Owner SAP Master Data Governance

March 18
Seamless user experience explained
A seamless user experience is one of the key qualities customers and their users expect from an intelligent suite, enabling the intelligent enterprise. In this session, you will get an overview of what a seamless user experience means and where SAP currently stands on the journey to delivering such a seamless user experience.
Dr. Thomas Reiss, Vice President, SAP User Experience Product Management @SAP SE

March 19
Automate and extend your business processes with SAP Workflow Management
There are still a lot of manual processes out there, the challenge to fix broken processes and also the need to extend standard processes. How could you push the level of automation to the next level in your organization? In this webinar you will learn how to make use of SAP Workflow Management to digitalize workflows,
Venugopal Chembrakalathil, Product Manager SAP Workflow Management
Stephan Schluchter, Product Manager SAP Workflow Management

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